Google announced its new language model, Gemini, today. This model aims to strengthen Google’s claim in the field of artificial intelligence and compete with OpenAI’s GPT.

The tech giant introduced the language model named Gemini after a long wait. This language model (LLM) will reinforce Google’s leadership in artificial intelligence and challenge OpenAI’s GPT.

Gemini was introduced through a blog post by Google, highlighting its various significant functions. Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated, “Gemini’s capabilities reflect state-of-the-art technology and draw inspiration from how people understand and interact with the world.” This model emerged as a result of extensive collaboration between Google’s Deepmind artificial intelligence department and other research units. Gemini stands out as a significant step planned to impact all of Google’s products.

Gemini will be offered in three different versions: Nano, Pro, and Ultra. The lightest version, Gemini Nano, will be integrated into Android devices, while the more powerful Gemini Pro will support various Google services like the Bard chatbot. The Ultra, being the most powerful version, will be used in corporate applications and is expected to be implemented as early as 2024. Google claims that Gemini is far more advanced than existing models, capable of understanding and processing any input from scratch, and efficiently utilizing multiple data sources.

Although Gemini currently works with text inputs and outputs, it will adapt to formats such as photos, videos, and audio in the future. Additionally, this model, known for its code generation abilities, exhibits 85% better performance in various languages. Bard will benefit from Gemini’s capabilities to better understand users and provide accurate responses. While this new language model is currently available only in English, it will eventually support other languages in the future.

Google announced that Gemini will be integrated into flagship phones like the Pixel 8 Pro in the future. This integration will leverage some features on phones to benefit from Gemini’s artificial intelligence capabilities, offering users more advanced experiences. The features of Gemini Nano are expected to arrive on phones in December.